Special Microsoft Ignite 2018 Giveaway

In celebration of Microsoft Ignite 2018, we will NOT have a September report giveaway. Instead, based on your feedback, we'll be giving away a dashboard report set that would normally only go out to Microsoft Ignite attendees. 

BUT there is a catch! You need to sign-up for it in September. 

This report set will NOT be sent out immediately. After signing-up for it, you will receive it the week AFTER Microsoft Ignite. 

Sign-up now to get this freebie!  

***It will be sent to you after Microsoft Ignite!***

Read the FAQs below for more information.


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Special Microsoft Ignite 2018 Giveaway

1) What does this mean? You need to sign-up in September for this report set, BUT unlike our previous monthly report giveaways, you will NOT get this set until October, after the conference.

2) What is the Microsoft Ignite 2018 giveaway? Instead of one report, it is a new dashboard report set!

3) Can you tell me what the dashboard report set is about? No! We're keeping the details about it secret until September 18. Watch our social media feeds for more information, but trust us when we say, "You'll definitely want get this set!"

4) Can I wait to sign-up? Absolutely, HOWEVER, you'll only have until the end of September. After that it is Gone and will only be available in 
Enhansoft Reporting!

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